1. 1. STEMO Steel Company commits in all activities to obey rules and laws of Slovak republic and of all countries where we have activities.

  2. 2. STEMO Steel Company build correct relationship with all parts of state administration bodies. This relation must be in compliance with laws and moral principles. During establishment of relations it is prohibited to breach rules and laws from the side of STEMO Steel employees.

  3. 3. The protection of environment is priority of STEMO Steel Company and we believe in the sustainable development of environment.

  4. 4. STEMO Steel Company commits to work very carefully with all information about all business partners and keep it in privacy and secrecy.

  5. 5. All employees have obligation to do their work with mutual economical convenience and the relation with clients has to be discrete, polite, without favouritism, prejudice and discrimination.

  6. 6. The employees of STEMO Steel Company that communicate with clients have to be polite, obey moral principles and be professional while they are solving any problems with clients. It is unacceptable for employees to abuse client unawareness.

  7. 7. STEMO Steel Company commits to obey agreed contractual agreements. In the case of not being able to fulfil mutual agreements with our partners they will be informed immediately and we will give them the best possible alternatives.

  8. 8. STEMO Steel Company does not consider competitors as enemies but we consider them as partners with whom we will compete according to the rules of fair competition.

  9. 9. STEMO Steel Company fully respects the law, customs, traditions and culture of the country where we are working.

  10. 10. STEMO Steel Company pledges to act accordingly to the labour code and law measures which edit labour related relations. At the same time pledging to create fair working environment for the employees.

  11. 11. STEMO Steel Company requires all the employees to help co-create an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and team-play, with the aim of cultivating good working relations and good economic results.

  12. 12. Every employee of STEMO Steel Company has the right to keep their dignity, personal honour, good reputation and the protection of their name. STEMO Steel Company does not mix in with the personal and family life of the employee.

  13. 13. Communication in STEMO Steel Company must be clear and effective on all levels. It must allow mutual transfer of information, the strengthening of work interest and required individual association with the company.

  14. 14. Every employee of STEMO Steel Company doesn't represent only themselves but also the company, and therefore is required to make sure to upkeep its good reputation and protect its interests also in public.

  15. 15. A trade secret of STEMO Steel Company are facts and information listed in bills of documents forming the subject of the trade secret of the company. Every employee is required to keep to the regulation of keeping the trade secret, which defines the scope, sets terms and preventions in order for its intricate protection from breach or abuse.